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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Lash Extensions hurt?

The application process is painless. During the process, your bottom lashes are covered with a soothing gel pad and tape to protect you.  Throughout the process, you will be laying down and have your eyes closed at all times. You will be able to relax and possibly nap with calming music. If at any point of your service you feel uncomfortable please inform your lash artist to help you adjust.

How long does the process of lash extensions take?

A Full Set depends on the amount of natural lashes you have. On average a New Set of lash extensions can take 2-3 hours. Fills are on average half the time of the chosen full set.

How long do the lash extensions last?

2-6 Natural lashes can typically shed daily.  We recommend to get between 2-3 Week Fills. A fill is considered when you have at least 50% of your lash extensions intact.  Fills are perfect to maintain fullness and to replace outgrown lash extensions to keep your style looking fresh. Without fills lash extensions can last from 4-6 weeks with proper aftercare.

Do lash extensions damage your natural lashes?

At Giselbeauty, our lash artists are certified and trained to apply lash extensions with complete isolation & proper placement of diameters and weight of the lash extension onto the natural lash. This is meant to prevent any damage to your natural lashes. It is a priority at Giselbeauty, to maintain your natural lash health so you are able to remove your lash extensions and leave with healthier natural lashes than when you started with us. In our consultation, we review the current condition of your natural lashes to ensure and provide you with the best results that suits you.

Which payment methods does Giselbeauty Makeup & Lash Studio accept?

We currently accept Cash, Credit Cards, and Zelle app payments.

Can I wear makeup? Is there certain makeup you should wear?

It's best to stay away from makeup that is either oily or waterproof. Eyeshadows and powders are ideal. At Giselbeauty, We retail the best in aftercare and makeup that are lash extensions safe. Everything must be cleaned off daily with a lash extensions safe cleanser to minimize build up and maintain good retention.

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